SLRT vs SLDRT with custom hardware

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1- Is it possible to use simulink real time with a different hardware than speedgoat? With matlab 2020b
2- Simulink desktop realtime can not use FPGA. And it uses only single core in a multiple core system. What is the planned roadmap? Do mathworks plan to integrate FPGA support in the very near future to SLDRT?
3- When i try SLDRT in my 6core AMD processor PC, with parallel computing toolbox, i see it utilizes all the cores when the simulation is running. So do we need parallel computing toolbox for SLDRT to use all the cores?

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Diego Kuratli
Diego Kuratli on 11 Jan 2021
1 - Simulink Real-Time is designed for Speedgoat hardware and does not support third-party target computers.
2 - Simulink Real-Time is the recommended solution when multicore and hardware acceleration on FPGA are required.
3 - Parallel Computing Toolbox is neither required nor used with SLDRT. The fact that 100% CPU utilization is reported by the operating system is the effect of the real-time kernel taking ownership of the CPU. It does not mean that the CPU utilization is really at 100%.

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