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Variable Listener, debug if expr == true

Asked by Andreas J. on 10 Apr 2013
Is there a way to start debug when a variable changes to a specific value, and stop where this happens. I don't mean the conditional breakpoint. (No yellow breakpoints, they're not what i need).
my "breakpoint" is variable, it only stops
< pseudocode >
if expr
< /pseudocode >
Note: This code isn't in a .m file
Like stop on error warnings work. But stop on line where isempty(x), or x == 10


on 10 Apr 2013
This code is not in an M-file? Then why not placing it in an M-file and using conditional breakpoints?
Thank you for your help! But this isn't what i need!
My Problem is that a variable gets empty at a point where it shouldn't be (and logicly not possible, in my oppinion) and i don't get why, i debugged for several hours but i don't find the reason. and this feature would very help. As i said, like the stop on error occurs.. which would look in pseudo code
if error is happening
which you'll already know isn't in the .m file.

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