AMD vs Intel (MKL.DLL vs ACML.DLL) and BLAS.SPEC help

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vinvaite on 11 Apr 2013
Commented: Ravikumar R on 19 Jan 2015
Currently running a trial of Matlab on Windows with four AMD Opteron 6272 processors, 64 core / 64GB RAM. Bench (and other testing) shows it's SLOWER versus a six core Intel (single socket) install! Reading various resources online it has been suggested I should try using the AMD Core Math Library (ACML.DLL) vs the Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL.DLL).
How do I go about installing the ACML.DLL? I have found various links on the AMD website but it's unclear on how to go about it. I've tried a few packages (from AMD) but none of them have a file called ACML.DLL). Did mathworks ever ship such a file with Matlab installs?
I can see I need to update the file BLAS.SPEC such that AuthenticAMD processors point to the appropriate library (currently pointing to MKL.DLL). I just don't know how to find the appropriate ACML.DLL - I am running R2012a for this test. thank you
Ravikumar R
Ravikumar R on 19 Jan 2015
I recently had a simpler issues on AMD based Dell server with Nastran application. The root cause was the server's power management policy.
To resolve the performance Issue, Set the following things on the BIOS & try.
Power Management --> Maxinmum Performance
HPC Mode --> Enabled
C1E --> Disabled

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