Movefile access is denied error

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Erin on 11 Apr 2013
I have many images that have no file extension saved in the folder RTL04-UR19-C8. Ideally I want to move many files that contain the string NUI into a sub folder called AllNUI.
Originally I tried: >> cd('\\Biomech-10\j') >> movefile('RTL04-UR19-C8/*NUI*','../RTL04-UR19-C8/AllNUI'); ??? Error using ==> movefile Unknown error occurred.
Since there was not a lot of guidance with this error, I tried to move a single image, and included the full directory:
>> movefile('RTL04-UR19-C8/00001_NUI_FITC_RTL04-UR19-C8','../RTL04-UR19-C8/AllNUI'); ??? Error using ==> movefile Access is denied.
Also I really want to enter the RTL04-UR19-C8 folder as the current directory as little as possible because there are so many images java has a timing error. Any advice?

Answers (1)

Babak on 11 Apr 2013
MATLAB has opened to write to file and hasn't closed them... Exit MATLAB then try moving/deleting the files.

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