looping a matrix from a text file

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german l
german l on 16 Apr 2013
i am creating a a program that will add the row values from a txt file, but i dont know how to move to the second, third, forth and fifth row.
ex this is what is in my text file
1 3 5.0
2 3 4.0
6 2 1.0
1 5 3.0
4 5 2.1
i can get the first row to work in my loop but how do i tell it to keep running it for the next rows

Answers (2)

Carlos on 16 Apr 2013
Is it necessary to use a loop?
So if I understand well you want to sum the rows, in this case if
A =
1.0000 3.0000 5.0000
2.0000 3.0000 4.0000
6.0000 2.0000 1.0000
1.0000 5.0000 3.0000
4.0000 5.0000 2.1000
You want this
9.0000 9.0000 9.0000 9.0000 11.1000.
To achieve this just do
ans =
9.0000 9.0000 9.0000 9.0000 11.1000

Yao Li
Yao Li on 16 Apr 2013
Is it a large text file or a small one. If it's a small size text file(eg. <10MB). Use importdata() to import data from the text file to matlab first. If the size of the text file is too large, you may try:
And you can add a while or for loop to run the 2nd command sevral times to move from line to line

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