Simulink reference model keeps compiling

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Hi Matlab Community,
I have a question on reference model on simulink.
I am working with a top model that includes reference model (pre-compiled to accelerate the compilation of the top model).
However, even of the reference model hasn't changed simulink tells me that the model has change and must be saved (sometimes) and other times just recompile it despite no changes were made on it.
I have 4 reference model in the top model and only one has this problem.
There models are setup to compile on speedgoat real time targets.
I a can give you further information to help you in the better understanding of my problem, do not hesitate.
Thank you !

Accepted Answer

Diego Kuratli
Diego Kuratli on 21 Jan 2021
Hi Gabriel,
Does the problematic reference model include Speedgoat drivers, or other particular blocks that are not included in the other reference models? If yes, which blocks?

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