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'inline' command at 'for' loop... can we?

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can we put 'inline' command at 'for' loop
I want to save several inline function at an array... Available?

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Friedrich on 17 Apr 2013
Edited: Friedrich on 17 Apr 2013
yes it should be possible but its better to create some Anonymous Functions instead of using inline, e.g.
f = cell(10,1);
for i=1:10
f{i} = @(x) x*i;
The output of f looks a bit strange because it seems to be the same function handle all the time, but it isn't:
>> f{1}(1)
ans =
>> f{2}(1)
ans =
>> f{3}(1)
ans =
>> f{3}(4)
ans =
f = cell(2,1);
for i=1:2
tmp = inputdlg('enter function handle')
f{i} = eval(tmp{:})
And enter things like:
Make the call to eval fail proof!!
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Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub on 19 Apr 2013
There is no need to hit it with the evil eval hammer, str2func seem perfectly designed for this purpose with hopefully a lot less side effects

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Masoud Ghanbari
Masoud Ghanbari on 17 Apr 2013
Actually I want to get the function from user and save it
not to be defined as f{i} = @(x) x*i;
Friedrich on 22 Apr 2013
You need to zuse {} instead of () when you call eval. inputdlg gives back a cell. Also don't use i to index into it. This should work:
f{i} = eval(user_input{1})

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Masoud Ghanbari
Masoud Ghanbari on 20 Apr 2013
Ok Dear Friedrich ... Please Just Do What Ever You Know... I'm Really Stucked At This
See Here:

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