Dividing a Matrix with a column vector (Inside a Loop)

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Hello everyone.
I am having a problem doing a matrix by vector division. The matrices and vectors are here attached.
I am in a loop
for i=1:N N=10000
for t=1:T T=4
and q_i is (TXN), p_i is (TXN) and P is (1XT).
The exact operation is q_i(t,i)=p_i(t,i)./P(t).
Doing this operation the outcome is the matrix q_i attached above.
The problem is that I don't want that the matrix q_i has the same numbers in each cell. What I want is that each element in the row of the matrix p_i is divided by the P element in the relative row(e.g: The first element of P divides all the 10000 columns of p_i in the first row by itself) . If you do this operation not of in a loop, the result would be correct. Giving a matrix q_i that has the same values within the column and different between columns(As the matrix p_i). I would like to obtain the matrix q_i's with cells equal within the column and different between.
Thanks for the availability

Answers (1)

Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 29 Jan 2021
First, the syntax of your for loops is incorrect. Declare N and T before writing the for loops. See the examples on this page.
for i=1:N
for t=1:T
Perhaps more is going on in your code than what you've shared? I get the same result whether I use for loops or elementwise array division. However, the values I get do not match what you have in the q_i variable you have shared.
% manual calculation
ans = 6.0098
% for loop result
ans = 6.0098
% your value
ans = 6.3096


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