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Calling a function f inside f,how can we do this

function H=f(m)
H=[f(m/2) H1;H1 H1];


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2 Answers

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 22 Apr 2013
Edited by Walter Roberson
on 22 Apr 2013
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What you have will call f from inside f (which is called "recursion")
However, your code does not have any protections for the case that "m" is odd, and does not have any way to stop iterating when you get down to m == 1.

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hey thanQ for your support,btw this is not the exact problem I have,btw it is some research paper,that's why couldn't write the exact one,but I found my mistake,I am returning a mx(2m) matrix instead of mxm,I tried to print another mxm matrix along with it,I corrected it, :),the question I was asking is about will matlab support recursion mechanism and I found that it actually do :)

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Answer by Babak
on 22 Apr 2013

Just as a side issue: You better change the name of the function from a one letter name "f" to at least a 2 letter name. I remember I was trying to compute function of a function and MATLAB has issues (bugs) in calculating the result..(not sure if it's already fixed or not)... but things like sin(f(2)) or g(f(x)) may fail for a generic f function even if f is correctly defined.
This has nothing to do with the "recursion" Walter is talking about.


Okay,I'll see that I don't do that mistake,ThanQ :)
I have not heard of any issue with single-letter names. Do you have the bug report number, or a link to where you have posted about this before?

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