how to display two graphs in separate figure windows using plot command?

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i use a matlab program for my project. There i want to produce two graphs at different instances. But the second graph replaces the 1st graph when that command is executed.. i want both to be displayed in separate window. I dont want both graphs in same window (using "subplot"). Is it possible in matlab?
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William Clarke
William Clarke on 28 Feb 2020
Edited: William Clarke on 28 Feb 2020
So this applies to the Publish function aswell.
When you publish code using the publish tab it will put what ever is in the figure window when it is done executing the code, at the end of the document. this is annoying because you could have several plots you want to publish.
However if Place the line figure; after you are done plotting each graph then the following graph will be in a new window and they will all be included in the published document.
plot(xa, ya);
plot(xb, yb);
plot(xc, yb);

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Accepted Answer

Carlos on 23 Apr 2013
Use figure command
Aniket Kumar
Aniket Kumar on 20 Sep 2020
This is working but the second plot opening under Figure 3 name ?, rather than into Figure 2

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