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Ines Pereira
Ines Pereira on 2 Feb 2021
Commented: Ines Pereira on 2 Feb 2021
I am dealing with a 3D double which I want to visualize slice by slice.
To do that, I tried plotting a heatmap and then adding a slider to select the index for the third dimension.
However, I get the following error:
Error using uislider (line 34) HeatmapChart cannot be a parent.
A minimal example to reproduce my problem:
% Generate dummy 3d array
img = ones(5,4,3);
for ii=1:size(img,3)
% Try plotting heatmap with slider
h = heatmap(img(:,:,1));
Is there actually a way/workaround to use a slider on a heatmap?

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Ines Pereira
Ines Pereira on 2 Feb 2021
Edited: Ines Pereira on 2 Feb 2021
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Mario Malic
Mario Malic on 2 Feb 2021
Edited: Mario Malic on 2 Feb 2021
I modified your code a little bit. Uislider can only be used on uifigure components. Whenever you're using uifigure you need to specify axes handle, because uifigure's handle visibility by default is set to 'off'.
UIFigure = uifigure;
img = ones(5,4,3);
img(:,:,2) = img(:,:,2)*2;
img(:,:,3) = img(:,:,3)*3;
% Try plotting heatmap with slider
h = heatmap(UIFigure, img(:,:,1));
UISlider = uislider(UIFigure);
UISlider.Limits = [1, 3];
UISlider.MajorTicks = 1:3;
UISlider.MinorTicks = 1:3;
UISlider.ValueChangedFcn = {@UISliderValueChangedFcn, img};
function UISliderValueChangedFcn(Source, ~, img)
sliderValue = round(Source.Value); % We need to round the decimal value we get from UISlider.Value to index into img
Source.Value = sliderValue; % Change slider to rounded value to show it on UIFigure
UIFigure = Source.Parent;
h = heatmap(UIFigure, img(:,:,sliderValue));
However, this uislider is not nicely position on UIFigure, so you can use Position property for both components to set their size and location.
Ines Pereira
Ines Pereira on 2 Feb 2021
Really cool! Works now, thank you!

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