Creating a matrix with matrices on the sub and super diagonals

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Eimear Nolan
Eimear Nolan on 25 Apr 2013
Hi! I have two matrices A(identity matrix) and B and I want to make a matrix C where B is on the diagonal for the entire matrix and A is on the sub and super diagonal on the entire matrix.I have tried using the kron command but I want to be able to see separate blocks of the matrices in C. As in I should be able to see a 2 diagonals of all ones in my C matrix. Any help would be appreciated!
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the cyclist
the cyclist on 25 Apr 2013
Your question would be easier to understand if you made a small example.

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Answers (1)

Ahmed A. Selman
Ahmed A. Selman on 25 Apr 2013
Use the command (diag) for creating a (main) diagonal matrix from a vector A, and the command (spdiags) to create sub- and super-diagonal. Kronecker function does not make diagonal matrices, it rather finds the product of two tensors.

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