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GUI Push button Help !

Hi ,
I am working on a project where i need to use push buttons. On pressing a button , I want to execute a m file already written and change the values of a particular row in the GUI table.
I am a beginner and need some help. Please help me on how to edit the call back function and change the data in the table.
Thanks in advance.
Jayadeep Kodali


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2 Answers

Answer by Babak
on 1 May 2013
 Accepted Answer

Open your GUI figure file by right clicking on its name in the MATLAB current folder window and choosing GUIDE.
Find the push button in the GUIDE opened design window.
Right click on the push button and find it's callback function.
An editor will open up and shows the callback function of the pushbutton.
Put the name of the script m-file or the function you have previously written in the callback function.
You are done. Test the GUI.


@Babak Thanks for you rreply. can you please elaborate thr line " mytbldata(3,:) = cell(ones(1,10)); " cell(ones(1,10)) will give 10 coulums value 1 right ?. what if I want data to be imported from another m file. how can I do it.
on 2 May 2013
You need to use "num2cell" not "cell"
mydata = mfile(input_arguments); // my data is a row vector 1 by N
mytbldata(3,:) = num2cell(mydata); // Similar to num2cell(ones(1,10));
num2cell creates a cell object that has the same size as it's input argument. 1 by10 is input is ones(1,10) for example. It gives 10 column values of 1 in a row.
@babak It works.Thank you very much.

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Image Analyst
Answer by Image Analyst
on 2 May 2013

Here's a small demo for you. It creates a table, which you won't have to do if you already have one in GUIDE. The it populates it with some values.
% Create sample data and row and column headers.
columnHeaders = {'n', 'Data Set #1', 'Data Set #2'};
for n=1:10,
rowHeaders{n} = sprintf('Row #%d', n);
tableData{n,1} = n;
tableData{n,2} = 10*rand(1,1);
tableData{n,3} = sprintf(' Value = %.2f %s %.2f', rand(1,1), 177, rand(1));
% Create the table and display it.
hTable = uitable();
% Apply the row and column headers.
set(hTable, 'RowName', rowHeaders);
set(hTable, 'ColumnName', columnHeaders);
% Display the table of values.
set(hTable, 'data', tableData);
% Size the table.
set(hTable, 'units', 'normalized');
set(hTable, 'Position', [.1 .1 .8 .8]);
set(hTable, 'ColumnWidth', {40, 120, 180});
set(gcf,'name','Image Analysis Demo','numbertitle','off')

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Thanks @image

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