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How to load a particular shp file?

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Jimmy Pang
Jimmy Pang on 16 Feb 2021
Edited: Mark Brandon on 16 Feb 2021
I downloaded a .shp file of uk catchment boundary (CAMELS-GB):
I want to read the data on matlab so i used the code:
boundary = shaperead('CAMELS_GB_catchment_boundaries.shp')
And errors come out. My question is: How can I view the boundary?
Reference: Coxon, G.; Addor, N.; Bloomfield, J.P.; Freer, J.; Fry, M.; Hannaford, J.; Howden, N.J.K.; Lane, R.; Lewis, M.; Robinson, E.L.; Wagener, T.; Woods, R. (2020). Catchment attributes and hydro-meteorological timeseries for 671 catchments across Great Britain (CAMELS-GB). NERC Environmental Information Data Centre. (Dataset).

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Mark Brandon
Mark Brandon on 16 Feb 2021
Edited: Mark Brandon on 16 Feb 2021
I think your download is scrambled Jimmy.
I've just downloaded the dataset from CEH
Uncompressed it.
Then uncompressed
to get this directory
Open it in matlab and then this is the result:
Good luck.




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