How to set Matlab do display all calculation results?

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Daniyar on 6 May 2013
How can I set Matlab to display all the calculation results?
I am solving the system of ODEs with large spatial variable and time step distribution. If I set total time to 100 with time step of 1 only the results starting from t=50 are displayed.
How to fix it?

Answers (2)

Babak on 6 May 2013
When the plotted data does not correspond to the whole "time span", it is usually because of that the time span is too large in comparison to the time step. So the ratio of timespan to timestep is large. Reducing it will show you more in the scope.
What do you mean by "spatial variable"? Are you solving a PDE that you have space variable? an ODE only has temporal variable and no spatial is involved.

Maikel on 8 May 2013
Go to preferences->Command Window->Number of lines in command window
And increase the value

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