I have a problem with ncread, OPeNDAP and 4-dim data

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I allways get a strange error when using OPeNDAP in ncread (Matlab 2012b, Linux and Windows) for 4-dimensional data sets (in this case: latitude longitude depth time). For example reading in this ocean dataset leads to the following error:
ncread('http://icdc.zmaw.de/thredds/dodsC/ftpthredds/EASYInit/ECCO/temp.cdf','TEMP',[1 1 1 1],[inf inf 1 1])
Error using netcdflib The NetCDF library encountered an error during execution of 'getVarsFloat' function - 'DAP server error (NC_EDAPSVC)'. If the data source was an OPeNDAP URL, see the OPeNDAP Troubleshooting section in the Users Guide.
If I change at least one of the starting points, it works! For example:
ncread('http://icdc.zmaw.de/thredds/dodsC/ftpthredds/EASYInit/ECCO/temp.cdf','TEMP',[2 1 1 1],[inf inf 1 1])
ncread('http://icdc.zmaw.de/thredds/dodsC/ftpthredds/EASYInit/ECCO/temp.cdf','TEMP',[1 1 1 2],[inf inf 1 1])
In the last example that means, that I can only get everything from the second time step on. Why? And what can I do, to change this behaviour?
Thank you very much and best regards, Remon

Answers (1)

Ashish Uthama
Ashish Uthama on 7 May 2013
Remon, I am not sure what is happening here. The error code appears to indicate a server side error DAP error codes. However, FWIW 13a appears to work fine.


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