How to get a matrix from uitable

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zahraa alsheala
zahraa alsheala on 13 May 2013
Hi, We have tried to get a value from uitable in a matrix that the user will insert. Every time we try it the GUI dose not read the value from table.

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Mark Whirdy
Mark Whirdy on 13 May 2013
So the line below does not work (replacing "uitMyTableName" with whatever your table is called)?
myCellArray = get(handles.uitMyTableName,'Data');
Can you break the code at this line and tell me what exactly happens?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 14 May 2013
mydata = cell2mat(myCellArray);
Then check to see if it is square or not. If it is not, what do you want to do?

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