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From cartesian to polar with points

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Francesco on 13 May 2013
Hi If i have 100 points that define vectors in this way: V=[a1,b1;a2,b2;a3,b3;a4,b4...] a1, b1 is the location of starting point a2,b2 is the location of ending points and in this way I defined the first vector (line)
a3, b3 is the location of 2nd starting point a4,b4 is the location of 2nd ending points
How i can convert these vectors (not from axis origin) into polar coordinates? If I use point by point it's calculated for each point from the origin.

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Babak on 13 May 2013
vectors = V(2:2:end) - V(1:2:end);
% vector has half the size(1) of V
X = vector(:,1);
Y = vector(:,2);
[THETA,RHO] = cart2pol(X,Y);

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