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Asked by vishnu r on 14 May 2013
Latest activity Commented on by pranith sheela on 12 Mar 2017
i have 3 guis, first Login page 2. Administrator page 3.change password page I want to make a 'change password' in my prog. So when successfully logged in first gui, it go to second gui this gui contains a push button named "change your password", after clicking this button we go to third gui.. It contains some interactive objects
my question is how can i link these 3 guis??

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Sarala Swain on 11 Jul 2016
i m searching for the same but still i cant....
kindly say how to store login details in databse or how to find the database link...thnq

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2 Answers

David Sanchez
Answer by David Sanchez
on 14 May 2013

First. GUIs have a property called 'Visibility'. You can check it out on the property inspector. When set to "off", the GUI is not visible.
Second. To open another GUI from an existing GUI, just call the GUI m-file ( my_gui_name.m ) from where you want to call it within your first GUI.

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explain clearly about mygui

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Answer by lis coffey on 11 Jul 2016
Edited by Walter Roberson
on 7 Sep 2016

Here's a video that covers how to make two or more GUIs share data and work together.
The short answer is use SETAPPDATA and GETAPPDATA to share data between GUI's.
The long answer is here:
Collection of GUI videos can be found here:


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