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Iban on 19 May 2011
I have a Simulink model, where I need to define some custom data types. For that, in a .m file I a writting something like this:
tSpeed = Simulink.AliasType;
tSpeed.BaseType = 'single';
tSpeed.Description = '[Kmh]';
tDistance= Simulink.AliasType;
tDistance.BaseType = 'single';
tDistance.Description = '[meters]';
The idea is to set the datatype of the input/output ports of the simulink model to 'tSpeed' or 'tDistance', in spite of setting them to 'single' datatype.
Now, my problem is the following: I want to define another datatype which is not just a 'single', but is an array of 6 single numbers.
Does anybody know how can I do that?

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MarkB on 23 May 2011
Fangjun is correct, the data type is independent of/orthogonal to the dimensions. You can also set the dimensions on most blocks by opening their parameter dialogs and assigning it there as well.
It is also worth noting that you can still "parameterize" this dimension, meaning that it can be a MATLAB workspace variable, as opposed to a hard-coded number. From there, you could use the same variable in multiple dialogs, edit the workspace variable, and change the dimensions of a bunch of blocks' outputs simultaneously.

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 19 May 2011
As it indicates, Simulink.AliasType allows you to designate MATLAB variables as aliases for signal and parameter data types. If you want to specify your signal as a vector signal, you can specify the Dimensions of the signal.
a.Dimensions=[1 6]
Iban on 19 May 2011
Ok, it doesn´t matter, I will do it as you suggested.
Ah, and forget the error, it was just an spelling mistake.

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