How do you get the Classification Layer Probabilities for pretrained CNNs ?

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I have code that runs through a file of images and classifies each, using the pretrained Squeezenet network. I want to get the results of the classification layer and save all the probabilities and the end classification choice. How do I do this?
Thank you!
for k = 1:numFiles
full_path=fullfile(imgs(k).folder, imgs(k).name);
mydata{k} = imread(full_path);
i = imresize(mydata{k},[227,227]);
a = classify(net, i)
imshow(i); title(char(a))
catch ME
fprintf("The imread call threw the following error:\n%s\n", ME.message)
fprintf("The error identifier for this error is:\n%s\n", ME.identifier)

Accepted Answer

Divya Gaddipati
Divya Gaddipati on 9 Apr 2021
You can use activations to get the output at a certain layer
out = activations(net,X,'layerName');
For more information, refer to the link below:
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AK on 15 Apr 2021
How do i output the activation information once i have it? Like if i want to print it ? Thanks!

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