Array of Structures pre-allocation - code analyzer - appears to change size every loop iteration

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Ben on 13 Jun 2013
Answered: Rishabh Rathore on 23 May 2018
In each for loop below, the code analyzer gives a warning that the "variable 'x' appears to change size on every loop". Is this not the proper way to pre-allocate and array of structures? There is definitely a difference in execution time between the pre-allocated and the not pre-allocated loops.
%This code is for demonstration of the problem
loops = 2000000; %number of iterations
tic = 1; %create structure = 2;
x(loops).tt = 1; %pre-allocate array of structures
for j=1:loops
x(j).tt = 1; %loop through pre-allocated structure
toc %pre-allocated time
clear x j; %delete variables
tic = 1; %create structure = 2;
for j=1:loops
x(j).tt = 1; %loop through structure (not pre-allocated)
toc %not pre-allocated time

Answers (1)

Rishabh Rathore
Rishabh Rathore on 23 May 2018
The reason behind is that you cleared the array x before running the second loop and the pre-allocation before second loop only created a scaler, not an array( size=[1 1]) of size 'loops'.

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