Bus selector error when trying to create a standalone ROS node from Simulink

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I have two radar sensors, which are two seperate ROS nodes, connected to a machine (NXP BlueBox2) running on Linux with ROS melodic. My PC is connected to that machine via a ssh connection and runs Matlab 2017b as a third ROS node to process radar data in a Matlab script. The radar nodes make us of custom messages.
I now want to export the script using Simulink to create a standalone node. However, I get this 'Error in port widths or dimensions' in the bus selector as shown below. How can I fix this?
The script is going to be implemented using a MATLAB Function later.

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Remo Pillat
Remo Pillat on 13 Sep 2021
Thanks for your question, Dylan. It sounds like you found the right solution yourself by using the "for each" subsystem. If this is the right answer, please accept it (your previously answer was in the comment).

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