Clean variables of worskpace from GUIDE

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Alexander on 17 Jun 2013
Commented: Stephen on 16 Aug 2021
Hi Everyone!
I have a problem with a code in GUIDE. I want clean some variables of workspace that previously I saved from GUIDE. To save variables in workspace, I've used this code:
if true
% assignin('base', 'VHA', VHA);
And to obtain variables from workspace i use evalin
if true
% evalin('base','VHA');
I know that 'clear' doesn't work in GUIDE. So ¿which should to use? I don't want clean all variables.

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Babak on 17 Jun 2013
You can send commands to base workspace using the evalin() function as you mentioned. For example you can say:
and to clear a variable myvarinbase say
evalin('base','clear myvarinbase')
Note that
clear var1 var2
will remove variables var1 var2 from the current workspace, not necessarily base workspace, if it is called from inside a function like a GUI.
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Alexander on 18 Jun 2013
Thank you for your suggestion of evalin. This allowed me to reduce a lot of code because I was using assignin.
I used
evalin('base','clear n')
for clean the N variable or
evalin('base','clear all')
for clean all variables of workspace.

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