How to connect to a function generator?

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Z on 23 Jun 2013
Hi guys, I am using a GPIB cable to connect to a function generator and I am aware of all the articles out there that explain how to create wave forms and what not, but I'm not sure how to start.
For instance, I don't know what "Read" and "Write" mean on the Instruments Control Toolbox! i'm not sure the data type, format, or even where to put the code if I want to create a waveform on a function generator.
I clicked on 'Connect" only, but the MATLAB workspace says I have not connected.
Thank you.
Z on 26 Jun 2013
Your comments would make good answers^^ Maybe put ti down there so I can accept it.

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Accepted Answer

Z on 28 Jun 2013
Use the command connect(f) when f is the variable indicating fgen.

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