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Combining matrices in a function

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Joel Schelander
Joel Schelander on 12 Apr 2021
Closed: Rena Berman on 6 May 2021
I have a 3x3 cell. Each element represents the vehicle(s) ID number of a house (a house can have one or two vehicles)..
The house A can have the following vehicle combinations.
A={173 [173,178] [173,180]
[178,173] 178 [178,180]
[180,173] [180,178] 180}
I want to combine with cell B which looks the same:
B={173 [173,178] [173,180]
[178,173] 178 [178,180]
[180,173] [180,178] 180}
So that I then have a 9x9 cell with all the possible combinations. House A and B cannot have the same values e.g. {173;173} not allowed
Later I want to combine A and B with house C (C is the same 3x3 cell). And later A,B and C with D (D is the same 3x3 cell).
A,B,C,D has an equal 3x3 matrix with values that expresses the impact the vehicle(s) has on the house called VehicleA, VehicleB, VehicleC
Is there a way to make a function that combines matrices like this?

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