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Make functions and variables visible outside the compiled matlab .dll function

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Mirko on 26 Jun 2013
Hello, I cannot succeed in connecting a .dll to an external software. Any help is appreciated.
Target: Connect a matlab .m file in a matlab generated .dll to external software (which supports to access .dll files). Detail research shows that I need a C++ .dll based on Visual Studio 8.
My problems: In general I am able to produce .dll with deploytool but external sw cannot find functions and variables. The function must be visible to the external software, this needs to be defined with a .def function. I do not know how to connect the .def function into the matlab project before compiling. I tried several ways but none was successful, can anybody give me a hint how to include the .def file in the matlab project to be compiled? And how to make the Array visible? Would it be better to bring all the components into Visual Studio and compile from Visual Studio?

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