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simscape electrical simulation speed

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how to speed up simulation speed in simscape electrical? for me just to run a converter with feedback controller it is taking more than 15 min. I am using ode23t solver, any suggestions? pls.

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 19 Apr 2021
if you having simulaiton speed issues, you can switch to odeN or try setting the simscape local solver to a fixed time step 100 times faster than your switching frequency. However, you need to provide how long you are simuating and your switching frequency and number of switches to determine if 15 minutes is actually a long simulaiton. If you are simulating your system for 5 minuts at 1 MHz switching frequency, that might actually be a very good speed, but if it is 15 minutes for 10 ms at 10khz, that is a very bad simulation time.
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N SRI RANGA SAI on 19 Apr 2021
thank you....actually the switching frequency is 50kHz and run time is 2 sec.....with 2 switches

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