Help naming text file according to user input

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Hello everyone,
I am trying to create a text file (using a gui), and I would like the name of the file to match what the user inputs in an edit text box. At first, I am trying to use a simple script (attached below) to see if I can accomplish this, but I am unable to create the .txt file. The file being created is just a "file". What would be the best way to approach this? Am I on the right track?
Thank you in advance for any help provided.
prompt = 'Please enter the file name: ';
fileName = input(prompt,'s');
% open a file for writing
fid = fopen(fileName, 'wt');
if fid == -1
error('Cannot open file: %s', fileName);

Accepted Answer

Ahmed A. Selman
Ahmed A. Selman on 1 Jul 2013
Just add the extension you like to the variable (fileName), as
prompt = 'Please enter the file name: ';
fileName = input(prompt,'s');
fileName1=[fileName,'.txt']; % HERE. Choose different extension if you like.
% open a file for writing
fid = fopen(fileName1, 'wt'); % HERE
if fid == -1
error('Cannot open file: %s', fileName1); AND HERE
% (HERE indicates changes I've made)
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David (degtusmc)
David (degtusmc) on 1 Jul 2013
Thank you for the rapid response. When I was trying to add the extension, I was doing it all in one line and I kept getting errors. It makes sense to append it separately. Thank you so much!

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Sowndarya Sivalingam
Sowndarya Sivalingam on 2 Jun 2020
I want to know how to crete this script: Write a matlab script which will take input for a file name from the command prompt. The script will also contain a function. The function will be called with file name, it will extract the data part, calculate the size of the data, average of the data, maximum value in the data and report back those values to main function.

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