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harish bharadwaj
harish bharadwaj on 24 May 2011
how to calculate summation of absolute value of incoming digital data over a cycle period for example 64 samples in a cycle using matlab or simulink
∑abs|d1(k)| for k=0 to 64

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Laura Proctor
Laura Proctor on 24 May 2011
d = randn(64,1);
s = sum(abs(d))
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Lisa Justin
Lisa Justin on 22 Feb 2012
what about the interval?

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MarkB on 24 May 2011
There are a couple options available:
  • You could chain a series of 64 unit delays together and run a branched signal off of each one into a summation block.
  • You could use MATLAB function block ("Embedded MATLAB" in older releases) and have something in the body like:
function y = avg64( u )
persistent x;
if( isemtpy( x ) == true )
x = zeros( 64, 1 );
x = [ abs(u), x( 2 : end ) ];
y = x;
  • I believe that the communication blockset has some buffer blocks that will accumulate a rolling set of samples, which you could then feed to a sum block.
  • There is probably a way to write this as a transfer function too.

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