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series of images as one 3D images

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Soum on 2 Jul 2013
Hi; My Question is about how can I collect my images as one image to work on it like 3D image knowing that I have 9 images .tiff I want to make them one image .tiff that contains all of them Thanks in advanced


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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 2 Jul 2013
Read in the 9 images with imread.
image1 = imread('image1.tif');
image2 = imread('image2.tif');
image3 = imread('image3.tif');
image4 = imread('image4.tif');
image5 = imread('image5.tif');
image6 = imread('image6.tif');
image7 = imread('image7.tif');
image8 = imread('image8.tif');
image9 = imread('image9.tif');
Then concatenate:
image3D = cat(3, image1, image2, image3, image4, image5, image6, image7, image8, image9);


Soum on 2 Jul 2013
Thanks but how you can show these images in one figure ? I've tried implay but it's so heavy by the way my question is about how can i collect them out of matlab and then i work on them under matlab hope you understand me :/
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 3 Jul 2013
You can display them in separate axes on your GUI that you built with GUIDE if you want. Or just bring up a new blank figure and use subplot(3, 3, n) where n = 1 to 9 to display your 9 slice images.

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