how to loop for a multiple variables array code?

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Fercho_Sala on 22 Apr 2021
Commented: Jan on 26 Apr 2021
Hello everybody. Just looking for some help about how to do a ´loop´ for the following code. The idea is to do the same the code does for every 30 minutes identified in the ‘C’ array (sometimes the 'C' array is not always 24h). Dataset attached. Thank you.
D = d;
t = time;
t = datevec(t);
[Ut,ia,idx] = unique(t(:,4)); % Unique Hours
Counts = accumarray(idx, 1); % Items In Each Hour
C = mat2cell(D, size(D,1), Counts);
%%setting variables
pws1=smoothdata((C{1,1}(:,[1:30])),'movmedian',3,'omitnan'); % 30 minutes for the period of time (00:00 - 00:30)
%%indentifiying peaks
ax1=subplot(2,2,1); % (2,2,1) for the first 30 minutes, (2,2,2) for the second group of 30 minutes, and so on...
load parts;
[pks,locs,widths1,proms2] = findpeaks(pws1(:,end),y,'MinPeakHeight',35); widths1;
legend('Filtered Data','Peak','Prominence','Width');
ax1.YAxisLocation = 'right';
ax1.XDir = 'reverse';
ax1.XGrid = 'on';
ax1.YGrid = 'off';
title ('Peaks (00:00 - 00:30)');
ylabel('Peaks identification','FontSize',9,'FontName','Arial','color','default');
xlim(ax17,[75 95]);
ylim(ax17,[16 50]);
%%number of peaks found
numberpks1 =(findpeaks(pws1(:,end),y,'MinPeakHeight',20));
Jan on 26 Apr 2021
0:30:1440 produces 30 minute intervals over 24 hours. Afterwards my code checks, how many elements are matching in the current time slot, so the data do not need to have 24 hours.

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Accepted Answer

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 24 Apr 2021
Consider converting your data array (with the time information) into a timetable and calling retime on it to aggregate each 30 minutes worth of data to compute the max in each period?
Or if your windows need to overlap use the movmax function.

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