Get a function to return a comma-separated variable list?

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Dear All,
for compactness, I was looking for a way to get a function, called with no output arguments, to return all the outputs (not just the first), analogous to e.g. C{:} for a cell array. The aim is to streamline certain codes, where the function will return a variable-length list of outputs to be used as a list of inputs for another function. As an example:
function test_output_vars()
figure(1), clf
plot(list{:}) % Two-liner with intermediate cell array
hold on
plot(plot_list2) % Desired one-liner, but only captures first output variable
[x,y,lt]=plot_list2(); % Works of course, but not what I'm aiming at
function list=plot_list1()
function varargout=plot_list2()
nargout % indeed, will =1 when called with no outputs...
Is there any "simple" way to achieve this (besides some tricks with a custom class and overloading numArgumentsFromSubscript)?
Regards, MT

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 25 Apr 2021
Edited: Walter Roberson on 25 Apr 2021
No, this is not possible in MATLAB. Comma list expansion is syntactic, requiring a literal {} or expression followed by dot followed by field name.
Mark Thomson
Mark Thomson on 25 Apr 2021
Dear Walter,
many thanks for the guidance. Okay, returning a structure array is at least a working option.
Regards, MT

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