simulink components names from vector of strings

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Hi, I need to generate automatical simulink model. Suppose you have some library with your components, say 'Library' and vector with names of components in library, say vector={'component1' 'component2'}. In non-automatic way you can put your component with line:
But does anybody know how to do it by using names in vector? e.g.
Of course, these lines does not work, I wrote it just to make clear of what problem I'm dealing with.
Thanks in advance, Tomas

Accepted Answer

Jarrod Rivituso
Jarrod Rivituso on 25 May 2011
Sounds like you just need some string concatenation...
for i = 1:length(vector)
block2AddSrc = ['library/' vector{i}];
block2AddName = ['cas/Name' num2str(i)];

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