accessing data from workspace

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harish bharadwaj
harish bharadwaj on 25 May 2011
how to access data stored in workspace into simulink block during simulation period

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MarkB on 25 May 2011
In addition to the FromWorkspace block, you can also use base workspace variables in most dialog boxes in Simulink. Also, if you open the Configuration Parameters, and go to the Import/Export section, you can associate the input ports and output ports with workspace variables as well. There are a few formats available for doing this, but the general idea is that you have a monotonically increasing column vector of step times, and then a matrix with rows corresponding to time steps and columns corresponding to input/output ports.

Titus Edelhofer
Titus Edelhofer on 25 May 2011
If I understand correctly, your are looking for the "From Workspace" Block from the Sources library ...


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