How to delete the row from cell array?

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I have a cell arraywhich has 10*6 matrix in it. How can I delete a row from the matrix? thanks in advance.

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Matt J
Matt J on 10 Jul 2013
Is this what you want:
>> A(1:2)={rand(10,6)}
A =
[10x6 double] [10x6 double]
>> row=2; A{1}(2,:)=[] %delete 1 row from 1 cell
A =
[9x6 double] [10x6 double]
Stephen23 on 28 Sep 2018
@Ram: you will have to use a loop.
Matt J
Matt J on 28 Sep 2018
As Stephen says, you will have to use a loop, but you can also hide the loop with cellfun,
cellfun(@(c) c(1:800), yourCell, 'uni',0 )

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Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek on 10 Jul 2013

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John on 10 Jul 2013
Edited: John on 10 Jul 2013
You can index out the rows like any standard array (the following code removes the second row):
x = {1 2 3; 4 5 6; 7 8 9}
x =
[1] [2] [3]
[4] [5] [6]
[7] [8] [9]
y = x([1 3],:)
y =
[1] [2] [3]
[7] [8] [9]
John on 10 Jul 2013
Ok I think I understand, you have a cell array that looks like the following:
A = {rand(5), 1}
A =
[5x5 double] [1]
You want to remove a row from the matrix in the first element of A. You can do the following:
A{1} = A{1}([1 2 4 5],1);
(this will remove the third row). Alternatively you can use Azzi Abdelmalek's method shown below:
A{1}(3,:) = []
I think this is what you are looking for.

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siddhesh rane
siddhesh rane on 10 Jul 2013
[A] [B] [C]
suppose i have 1*3 cell as shown above and A is a matrix of dimensions 3*3 and I want to delete second row of the A matrix. How should i do it?


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