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Simultaneous Recording Voice Signals and Playing

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Pratik Bajaria
Pratik Bajaria on 12 Jul 2013
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
I have been trying the following code for voice recognition and playing but it throws me 'System Error' as...
------------->>> <<<---------------------------
Code: AI = analoginput('winsound');
Error: Error using ==> analoginput.analoginput at 46 To learn about using data acquisition devices on the win64 platform, see the documentation on the session-based interface.
------------->>> <<<---------------------------
"""PLEASE NOTE: I am using the Computer Microphone as the Audio Input device"""
Although,I got some good references from the following links, but the same error is encountered due to the Session-based Interface for Windows 7(x64) Platforms.
Any help,on the above would be much appreciated.
Thanking in Anticipation.

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