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How to split cell array made by matrix?

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Hi everyone, i have a cell array made by n matrix ('n' is an input from the user).Every matrix is 3x3. I need to split this cell array in two halfs, how can i do it? I have tried in this way
lx = (length(num));
half = ceil(lx/2);
Q1 = Qk{num(1:half)}
where N_ply=8, and Qk is the cell array
Giuseppe Marino
Giuseppe Marino on 14 May 2021
My Qk is an 1*8 cell, where every cell is a 3x3 matrix. But the number 8 could change, it could be 10,12, 6 or every even number. If you need more info, please tell me.

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Accepted Answer

Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 14 May 2021
% c is a 1xn cell array where n is an even number
n = numel(c);
c1 = c(1:n/2);
c2 = c(n/2+1:end);
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Giuseppe Marino
Giuseppe Marino on 14 May 2021
Thank you! I really appreciate it,I was making a mountain out of a molehill!

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