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Hyperspectral Imaging preprocessing method for raw data acquired from hyperspectral camera? tools or algorithm

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Hello everyone,
I captured some images from of hyperspectal imaging system. My final aim to identify the material composition from the images. However before that i need to perform some image preprocessing like
calibration, noise removal, feature extraction , dimensionality reduction. can you please suggest some code or routine to the do these task?
Also after this task, i wanted to apply classification algorithm so it can detect the material from it
Can you guys tell me a way to do in the Matlab. Thanks a ton.

Answers (2)

Subhadeep Koley
Subhadeep Koley on 19 May 2021
You can use Image Processing Toolbox's Hyperspectral Imaging Library support package. It can be downloaded from here.
You can perform tasks like, Radiometric Calibration, Denoising & Sharpening, Dimensionality Reduction, Atmospheric Correction, Material & Target Identification, Spectral Unmixing, Visualization, etc. with this library.
Not sure, in which format you've collected the data, but the library supports a wide variety of file formats including NITF, ENVI, TIFF, MTL, etc.
Here are a few examples on how to use this library.
For more information on Hyperspectral Imaging Library see the documentation.

Tien on 18 Apr 2024
i want to code matlab calculate and order ICS scores hyperspectral imaging from raw file

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