creating a matrix with many numbered variables

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i am gathering information from a data file, and i have created a set of variables using a for loop. the variables are var_1, var_2, var_3,..., var_32. Is there a way to create a single column vector using these variables rather than manually typing mat=[var1;var2..etc]? It's not that I am lazy, it's just because the number of variables (in this case 32) will differ with each data file. each variable is simply a string of 'Y' or 'N', and once the matrix is populated i will have to go through and find the Y's, but for now I cannot figure this out. Any help would be great, thanks! and thanks to those who have been consistently helping me this week.

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Jan on 27 May 2011
Do not create different variables var_1, var_2 etc, but use a cell: variable{1}, variable{2}, ...

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