Smoothing Spline curve fitting - Equation?

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Ziyan on 29 Jul 2013
Commented: Jamal Chen on 19 Mar 2020
Hi all,
I found there is no equation given when doing smoothing spline curve fitting, however when using data cursor I can trace data values on curve. Is there any method to get the equation of the curve, or export the x and y array values? the curve is shown below as graph.
Thanks a lot for the time

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Pourya Alinezhad
Pourya Alinezhad on 29 Jul 2013
yes.there is a program named "data_from_graph_1v0" which can do the job for you. provide a mail address so i could send it to U.... also i saw a same question in the forum .... follow the link:
Jamal Chen
Jamal Chen on 19 Mar 2020
Hello, could I also get it. Thanks you sir.

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Suryaji Phalke
Suryaji Phalke on 18 Jan 2019
Edited: Suryaji Phalke on 18 Jan 2019
Hello, can someone please send me code for the same. Thank you!

Viktor Tzivnev
Viktor Tzivnev on 24 Jun 2019
Hello, guys I am stuck with the same problem and it will be awesome if someone can send me the code
I appreciate that a lot!
all the best Viktor

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