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How to autmotically take 4 different printscreens of a single figure?

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Romain W
Romain W on 31 Jul 2013
Hi everyone,
I have a question concerning the basics of image acquisition. I was wondering if anyone of you knows how to automatically take several print screens of a figure by splitting n times the screen and take a screenshot (png file) of each of the n defined areas of the screen.
Let me explain better my issue, I have a figure for which I would like to take a couple of zoomed in png picture. I would like essentially to divide automatically my figure (what appears on screen) a certain number of times. Then I wish to automatically take a print screen of the four different screen areas consecutively, maximising each area of the picture to match the size of the screen (take four close up pictures).
You are still as confused as I am? Please find a picture that hopefully explains better what my words hardly explain:


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