How to replace google-collect.jar with the newer version guava.jar

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I'm running MATLAB 2012b and using a java package which depends on the newer version of google collections, i.e. guava.jar version 13.0.1
However, since MATLAB by default loads an earlier (now deprecated) version of google collections from $matlabroot/java/jarext/google-collect.jar, it causes runtime errors when my java package is called (since it sees an older version and can't find newer methods added in guava 13.0.1).
How can I configure MATLAB not to load google-collect but instead load a newer version of the library? Generally speaking, how can I tell MATLAB to use a different version of a java package from the default installation?

Answers (1)

raym on 13 Feb 2021
I have the same error with you . Have you solved?

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