How to read time as string data from excel file

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I used readtable to read time from excel spread sheets. The time was converted to double like e.x. But I want to read time as original form. How does read time as string?
e.x 10:11:09 AM => 0.42858

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Yutaka Yamada
Yutaka Yamada on 24 May 2021
How about the below code if you want to use readtable?
opts = detectImportOptions('readTime.xlsx');
opts.VariableTypes = 'datetime';
T = readtable('readTime.xlsx', opts);
for i = 1:3
a = T{i, 1};
a.Format = 'HH:mm:ss a';
I've attached the Excel file that I've used for this test also.
Yasuyuki Hamanaka
Yasuyuki Hamanaka on 24 May 2021
I found the function setvaropts.
opts = detectImportOptions('input.xlsx');
opts = setvartype(opts,{'Var2'},'datetime');
opts = setvaropts(opts,{'Var2'},'DatetimeFormat','HH:mm:ss a');
schedule = readtable('input.xlsx',opts);
Thank you everyone for helping me. Your information were very helpful and I learned a lot.

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Sulaymon Eshkabilov
Sulaymon Eshkabilov on 24 May 2021
You should try using xlsread() in this case. In fact, xlsread is slower than readtable().
Then you can employ datenum() and datestr() if necessary.
Good luck.
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Yasuyuki Hamanaka
Yasuyuki Hamanaka on 24 May 2021
Thank you for answering my question. I want to use readtable because the amount of data is so large that reading data takes long. But I didn't know the fucntion of datenum() and datestr(), so it is very helpful for me.

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