read multiple points from matrix

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I want to read multiple points out of a matrix. Therefore I have the matrix A, and my indices X and Y for the coordinates. I don't need any other values, only those.
A = rand(50,50);
X = [1 2 5];
Y = [1 2 5];
P = A(X,Y)
the code reads all the values, so I only need the diagonal of the matrix. I could use diag but that takes a lot of time, and I need to be time-efficient. Is there a possible way to do that different, to be faster?

Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 31 May 2021
Use the sub2ind function to create linear indices from the subscripts —
A = rand(50,50);
X = [1 2 5]; % Assuming These Are The Row Indices
Y = [1 2 5]; % Assuming These Are The Column Indices
I = sub2ind(size(A), X, Y)
I = 1×3
1 52 205
P = A(I)
P = 1×3
0.8620 0.3396 0.2798
Check = [A(X(1),Y(1)), A(X(2),Y(2)), A(X(3),Y(3))]
Check = 1×3
0.8620 0.3396 0.2798
If you want a different result, please describe it in some detail.

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