How to do the correction of inter volume intensity in MRI images?

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chaibi on 30 May 2011
A major problem of segmentation of magnetic resonance images is that intensities are not standardized like in computed tomography.
One type of variation is that intensities of the same tissue class differ throughout a single volume. The intensity value measured can not be associated with a class of tissues.
I don’t how to work with different MRI volume (how to do the correction of inter volume intensity).
My program (MLP)work with one volume (a part of this volume is use for learning and another for testing), but not with another volume. Please can you help me?

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crus on 3 Jun 2013
Hi,I have a similiar question with yours.Have you ever solved this question.Would you give me some advise? My program work is the step prior to processing of image,Image should underwent automated correction for intensity non-uniformity . I have no idea about the question ?I hope you can help me . Thank you!

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