Transparent ImageTexture in Simulink 3D Animation

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Yiming on 14 Aug 2013
Hello, I'm modifying a VR scene. I created a rectangle with an image texture of tree. The rest of the image is transparent so that only the tree can obstacle the vision. When I viewed it with web browser, it works as I expected. When I viewed it with internal 3D viewer, the transparent part became white. How can I deal with this problem? Please help me. Thanks.

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Jan Danek
Jan Danek on 4 Sep 2013
Simulink 3D Animation Internal Viewer accepts the following file formats with transparency:
GIF: Transparent colour has to be Colour 0 in the palette PNG: Transparent colour can be any colour in the palette, also alpha blending is supported.
I recommend you to convert your image into the PNG format, you should be able to render it correctly.
Hope this helps,

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