Slow Simulink and its Double Click Issue

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I am doing Simulink Onramp, but it is very very slow. My internet connection is fine. There is a lot of RAM unused, but still it is very slow.
Secondly, I am facing double click issue, like when I double click on the block nothing happens. Right click and doing other things are fine, but as soon as I doublr click on the blocks, it does nothing.

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Muhammet Furkan OZATA
Muhammet Furkan OZATA on 6 Dec 2022
Edited: Muhammet Furkan OZATA on 8 Dec 2022
I have also the same problem. When I double-click the simulink workspace, as I am writing a block name, It freezes.
edit: I have installed R2018a and it works fine when I double-click to open quick add item menu and I have no issue with searching any item. However, I've been deprived the features of R2022b :(


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