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Creating Java object from abstract Interface in Matlab

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Frank Weissbach
Frank Weissbach on 27 Aug 2013
The following Java code makes a connection to a server. I would like to achieve the same within matlab.
import com.dukascopy.api.system.IClient;
import com.dukascopy.api.system.ClientFactory;
public class MainC {
private static String jnlpUrl = "";
private static String userName = "DEMO";
private static String password = "demo";
public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
IClient client;
client = ClientFactory.getDefaultInstance();
client.connect(jnlpUrl, userName, password);
IClient is a abstract Interface. How would I deal with this in matlab ? (having done all the correct importing and path setting)
When I call the IClient I get this:
>> which com.dukascopy.api.system.IClient
com.dukascopy.api.system.IClient is a Java method % com.dukascopy.api.system.IClient constructor
>> client=com.dukascopy.api.system.IClient
No constructor 'com.dukascopy.api.system.IClient' with matching signature found.
>> methods com.dukascopy.api.system.IClient
Methods for class com.dukascopy.api.system.IClient:
addClientGUIListener getNewsFilter setCacheDirectory
addNewsFilter getStartedStrategies setErr
closeChart getSubscribedInstruments setOut
compileStrategy isConnected setSubscribedInstruments
connect loadStrategy setSystemListener
disconnect openChart startStrategy
getAvailableInstruments reconnect stopStrategy
getCaptchaImage removeClientGUIListener
getClientGUI removeNewsFilter
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Javier Trujillo Garcia
Javier Trujillo Garcia on 11 Mar 2015
Hi Frank,
I am also trying to work with Matlab and Dukascopy and so far I have found a lot of problems with it... Did you keep working on it? Because I am really considering trying with another platform

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