How to Increase the rectangular block marker in legend in bar plot

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Jitin Malhotra
Jitin Malhotra on 24 Jun 2021
Commented: Jitin Malhotra on 24 Jun 2021
I am plotting a bar plot with 5 bars, and each bar has different color (thanks to @imageanalyst), I also got the legend for it, but how to increase the size of the rectangular block marker showing the color of each bar, as when i put it in word at 100% screen size, its not even visible

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millercommamatt on 24 Jun 2021
Better design practice is to label the bars directly rather than keeping the label information off the the side in a legend box away from the data. Edward Tufte preaches about this sort of thing constantly.
As for your specific request, it seems that if you alter the Legend.Position property, the size of the box markers in the legend scales with the height of the legend box. So, if you increase the height, the vertical size of the box markers will change. The horizontal size doesn't seem to change. In my experimenting, the legend box moved when I did this so you'll need to manually set the x and y values so that your legend box is where you want it in the figure window.

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